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Featured Art
Featured Art
A Fresh Start
mixed media
24" x 32"
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Artist Statement

I place myself wholeheartedly into my work through study, research, and focused attention. I study continually especially Raphael, the Italian Master, who is my biggest influence. I study my subject carefully too in order to understand why I've chosen it and what I need to say through it.

Although I paint in both oil and watercolor, my first love is drawing. It is the foundation for all great art. The strength of my drawing speaks for itself-the drawing is the star. As an artist, drawing is my voice and my way of thinking. It expresses more than words and it is this sacred voice I protect and present in the most precious and gentle manner.

For centuries scholars and patrons have been interpreting the work of artists; their aim to get into the artist's mind to decipher her message. For my work, I want people to bring their own personal experience to the artwork, to view it through their own lens and discover their own message.

My work pulls people in close. It takes a moment for the work to reach the viewer but when it does, there is a calmness that comes over them or an emotional reaction that catches them off guard. This reaction is not for the subject matter alone since my subjects range from the complexity of the human form to the simplicity of a pebble-it is a response to the amazing Light that shines, that emanates from all things


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